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Michael E. Gerber:
       “The World’s #1 Small Business Guru.”
         ~ INC. Magazine

The 2 Most Common Problems
Business Owners Face

When your business idea starts as an exciting opportunity but then takes over your life...

The Entrepreneurial Trap

You’ve created your own personal prison, called a small business; over worked, underpaid, with a big serving of daily stress and feeling exhausted instead of fulfilled. It feels more like a job than a business and you can’t just walk away.

Are you feeling trapped in your business? Are you the only one who knows how to keep it running and making money every day?

Having a never-ending backlog of important “to-dos” that aren’t getting done because of the daily distractions, complaints from customers, employees not showing up, phone calls unanswered, emails…..

A popular term for this is “Hustling” and it’s glorified in social media. The reality is it’s a nightmare of running around like a chicken with its head cut off…as Michael E. Gerber says…”doing it, doing it, doing it! Busy, busy, busy!”  No end in sight!


All you really want is the madness to
stop! This wasn't supposed to be the
American Nightmare...it's supposed to
be the American Dream!

The Chicken and Egg Syndrome

You’ve hit a plateau in revenue and stayed there for a few years. You want your revenue to jump up 2X, 3X or higher but that requires more employees, more equipment or more revenue. Each one is risky to try so which comes first?

Are you feeling stagnant in your business? Do you find it challenging to hit those bigger sales numbers you know should be possible?

Are you limited by the amount of work you can handle? Hiring more staff requires more sales to afford them. Plus you’ll need time to train them to become effective at their job. This is the growth trap.

Is your competition doing much better than you even though you’ve done all the right things? What do they have that you don’t? What’s it going to take to hit that level of income you want?


This isn't exactly working like you
thought it would. Can't you just get a
Do-Over? What in the world does it take
to get this thing you do right?!?

“Michael’s understanding of entrepreneurship and small business management has been a difference maker for countless businesses, including Infusion Software. His insights into the entrepreneurial process of building a business are a ‘must read’ for every small business owner. The vision, clarity, and leadership that came out of our Dreaming Room experience were just what our company needed to recognize our potential and motivate the whole company to achieve it.”

Clate Mask

President and CEO, InfusionSoft

“I’ve read countless books on businesses. No business authors touched me as deeply as Michael Gerber has. The E-Myth is exquisite. It combines the spiritual with pragmatic, the functional with the emotional, and the passion with the perspective as few ideas have. My advice to anyone who is determined to build a world-class company is to read this book. You’ll be amazed!”

Jack Canfield

Founder and CEO, Chicken Soup for the Soul
Enterprises, Inc.

"Work ON your business, not IN your business™"

Yes, this is the man…the myth…the legend.

Do you know Michael E. Gerber?

The mega-bestselling author of 35 “E-Myth” books, in The New York Times™, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, FORTUNE, Forbes and Wired.

Inc. Magazine has named Michael E. Gerber “The World’s #1 Small Business Guru”.

He’s been coaching major breakthroughs for small business owners all the way up to mega successful CEOs for over 40 years. Even today he continues to help his 1-on-1 clients get un-stuck to achieve new levels of business growth.

Do you know The E-Myth?

The Wall Street Journal named The E-Myth the #1 business book…of all time… and has since sold millions upon millions of copies throughout the world, in 145 countries, in 29 languages…and is now taught in 118 universities worldwide.

It has been said that Michael E. Gerber’s E-Myth books should be required reading for anyone thinking about a creating a business or for those who have already taken that fateful step.

The E-Myth defines the way out of the constant “doing it, doing it, doing it” in every small business, of learning how to work ON your business rather than working IN your business day after day after day.

Now you can go BEYOND the E-Myth with Radical U™

Learn how to scale your company and build an Enterprise by actually doing it through Radical U™.  Go Beyond E-Myth in the Greatest Action Taking School of it’s kind.

Michael E. Gerber, has made it his life mission to Transform the State of Small Business Worldwide with the creation of the Trade School for Entrepreneurs, Radical U™, a school unlike any other on the planet.

Enrolling at Radical U™ will help you discover your DREAM and VISION, your PURPOSE and your MISSION to scale your company, from the Company of One it most likely is, to the Company of One Thousand, it was truly meant to be.

How to build your business so it
won’t ruin your life.

The Ultimate Entrepreneurial
Business Building System

Join Michael E. Gerber’s business trade school for ‘action takers’. As you learn by doing the work of each step
in Michael E. Gerber’s ONE-OF-A-KIND, Eight-Fold-Step-Enterprise-Development-System, you’ll become
the entrepreneur you were always meant to be.

It’s literally an entrepreneur creation machine.

At Radical U! You get Michael E. Gerber's proven 8-step-radical-
system for building the perfect business for you to be
preeminently successful at leading a transformational life.

Step 1: Finding Your DREAM

Michael E. Gerber has spent his life pursuing his DREAM “To transform the state of small business worldwide” and here we will help you find your DREAM.

Step 2: Creating Your VISION

With your DREAM in hand, you follow the path to discover your VISION for your new company, to realize your DREAM.

Step 3: Knowing Your PURPOSE

With the help of Radical U™, you will formulate the profound impact your company intends to have on your most important customer.

Step 4: Declaring Your MISSION

The Mission is the heart of the entire 8-fold process. Your Mission is to invent the stunningly effective Operating System at the heart of your growing enterprise.

Step 5: Your Fulfillment SYSTEM

It’s time to go to work ON your company of One to create your Client Fulfillment System so that it’s documented and scalable. It helps you structure what you deliver to your customer or client so you can replicate yourself with other people to do it, rather than just you. Just-you is a job. Just-them is an enterprise.

Step 6: Your CLIENT Acquisition SYSTEM

It’s time to wrap your head around attracting a flood of new clients to deliver it to. Your Client Acquisition System, is a three legged stool: Your Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, and Client Fulfillment System. Or what Michael E. Gerber calls Your Franchise Prototype! Your Core Operating System of your ready-to-scale growing Business.


What’s a Business. It’s Your Franchaise Prototype times Seven. Seven Three Legged Stools, plus a Turn-key Management System.


It’s a System which every aspiring Manager can master to become an inspirational Leader. It’s Your Business multiplied Seven Times. Seven Turn-Key Businesses, operating as McDonald’s does.

An Immersive Training Experience

Here’s what you get with your One-Time Annual Tuition:

52 Weekly Sessions w/ 200+
Content Videos

Dreaming Room Hot Seat Recordings
(Never been seen)

Watch Live Q&A Coaching
w/ Michael E. Gerber

Weekly Training

Every single week you learn a lesson, then go out and implement it in the real world.

200+ Content Videos

Hundreds of guiding videos on the proven process of scaling you company, created by the World’s #1 Small Business Guru, Michael E. Gerber.

Weekly Assignments

Assignments that help you progress on the path to build the core and systems to scale your company.

Real World Examples

Tons of Michael E. Gerber’s past training materials to support you in each training session. This really speeds up implementation.


To ensure you’re understanding the concepts and ready to implement, we’ve created milestones to see your progress.

Hot Seat Interviews

Watch footage from our Dreaming Room Experiences and see how other business owners developed their big ideas.

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What is the difference between Radical U and our other work at Michael E. Gerber Companies? Is there a difference or is it just repackaged?

Not at all just repackaged.  At RADICAL U we walk you through the eight essential steps every entrepreneur needs to complete to successfully grow a world-class company. At the end of it, you should have a completely turn-keyed enterprise, ready to “scale for sale.”

That’s the difference between RADICAL U and everything we’ve done before it!

“We believe our way is the most effective way to grow a small company (a Company of One) into a large company (a Company of 1,000). I’m after all the one who invented E-Myth in the first place. I decided to reinvent it so it’s now available for “the smallest of the small”.  Yes, You! So everyone can afford it.  So everyone can do it.  Online.  24 hours a day.  Seven days a week. 52 weeks a year!  It’s why everybody says: “Are you kidding me, Gerber?!  And to whom I say, “Yes, All of that, created by me, for only $479.40, paid one time, for an entire year!?”  Yes, Welcome to RADICAL U, where we’re transforming the state of small business worldwide”!

— Michael E. Gerber

What is “OldCo” and “NewCo”, terms used in Radical U? And what is the essential distinction Radical U makes between them?

OldCo is the company you’ve got.  NewCo is the company you’re setting out to replace OldCo.  You go to work ON OldCo to create Sustainability. You go to work ON NewCo to create stunning growth.  At Radical U you’ll learn the profound difference between the two. Not only that, but how to go to work ON the first, and how to go to work ON the second, and most important, how to understand the extreme difference between the two. Work every entrepreneur must learn how to do, to apply, to grow.

Does the Radical U course go into detail with the lead generation and lead conversion part with the Client Fulfillment program?

Yes, it does, as we’ve said continuously, step by step by step.  But all in good time. Meaning, until you’ve discovered and communicated your Dream, you don’t get to go to work on your Vision.  Until you’re clear about your Vision, you don’t get to go to work ON your Purpose. And so forth and so on. At RADICAL U, we’ve just about completed our curriculum for Year One, and are just now starting to create our Curriculum for Year Two.  Exactly the same way we designed, built, launched and grown E-Myth Worldwide, almost 40 years ago! Does it work? Of course it works. And the best news of all, it’s going to work for you. Just like it’s worked for tens upon tens of thousands of small businesses we’ve worked with over the past 40 years.  From our Radical U point of view and 40 years of experience working with small business, a good business plan defines your Dream, Vision, Purpose, Mission, Client Fulfillment System, Client Acquisition System, Management System, and Leadership System… in that order.

Doing so will allow you to create a truly entrepreneurial business that grows from a Company of One to a Company of Many… to be scalable and transformational.

Otherwise, the odds, statistically, are against success, beyond simply making a living. And in many cases, expecting a miracle by fixing what you’re doing today, quick as all that as everyone is promising, is a fool’s errand.  You can’t fix what you’ve got. You can only reinvent it.

Welcome to RADICAL U!

Where we reinvent it…together!

Is the Curriculum something I can do part-time while at another job?

Absolutely.  Yes. And in fact, almost preferable.  So when it comes to your current small business – YOUR JOB — RADICAL U is what you do at the same time as you’re doing it, doing it, doing it.  And as that begins to take place, like a simultaneous equation, the way you see what you do will be transformed, the way you do what you do will be transformed, the way you understand what you do will be transformed.  In short, at RADICAL U, we awaken the entrepreneur within you. The true Creator within you. The Imagineer within you. You’ll never be the same again. We promise. Do the RADICAL U work, and the RADICAL U work will do you!

What is a Good Business Plan?

With all the books and gurus who say that social media and technology is the whole thing now, what is the Radical U point of view on that? How should we see marketing in these times we are in? What is a Good Business Plan?

Everyone speaking to you about the new age we’re living in, online as opposed to bricks and mortar, are both right and wrong. The simple word “connection” (viscerally) is the key one. Online enables you to broadcast your message; one to one enables to put the heart of the matter into it. While you can buy pretty much everything online today, there are certain elemental things you can’t do online, and which no robot will ever be able to do instead of you. So, the mechanics of connectivity can be systematized, but not the human connection.

Indeed, the founder of Primerica said it best, when he implored his folks, “walk in the kitchen door, not the front door, and never walk in alone! And never sell anything on the first call! — Just do it like real friends would.” Take that prescription apart and you’ll first and hopefully forever understand the magic underlying the founding and amazing growth before Primerica became Primerica, when “The Coach” held telephone training every week, hot and heavy. Yes, we do “get into that,” but before we get there go back to the beginning of Primerica and you’ll find the key, which is the heart of the matter. In short, while everything’s different today, everything’s the same.  As Michael E. Gerber says, so eloquently: “It’s the System Stupid. It’s the System.”

And yes, just like Mary Kay told all her ladies, and as the shoe guys repeated and repeated and repeated: “Just Do It!”

Where the “It” in Radical U’s case, is The System.

Which is The Best Business Plan of them all!

How do you know when you have the ultimate vision... the “world-changing``?

When it solves the worst business problem of them all.  And you’ll know that when you do it. That’s why Radical U is built over five years. That’s why it takes five years to complete it.

Because, just like “The Coach” said at Primerica, and Mary Kay said at Mary Kay Cosmetics, and Michael E. Gerber said at E-Myth, until you DO it, you will never understand it.  And until you understand it, you’ll never truly believe in it. And if you never truly believe in it, all you are left to do is everything, everything, everything. McDonald’s doesn’t do everything.  McDonald’s does McDonald’s. Mary Kay doesn’t do everything. Mary Kay does Mary Kay. Primerica folks don’t do everything. Primerica folks – the most successful ones that is – do Primerica. And only Primerica.  And that’s what Radical U is going to teach you, too. To do one thing. The one thing that makes the difference you’re sitting out to make. The job we’re confronted with is inspiring you, teaching you, training you, coaching you, mentoring you, guiding you…to discover your One Thing!

Welcome to RADICAL U!

After I pay for the school, does it expire after the first year? Or can I do it over again from the first payment?

When you’re done with Year One, you start anew with Year Two by paying your tuition of $479.40 for the next year.  When you’re done with Year Two, you start anew with Year Three by paying your tuition of $479.40 once again for the next year of school.    And so on and so on until you’re done with Year five, and you’ve earned your Masters of Business Design Degree by designing, building, launching and growing your Great Growing Enterprise. Each year only $479.40!!  Which means the entire University will cost you less than $2,500! And why in the world are we delivering the world’s most profoundly effective entrepreneurial development inspiration-education-training-coaching-mentoring curriculum for less than most monthly coaching fees?  Because this is Michael E. Gerber’s commitment. This is his legacy. To transform the state of small business worldwide. To make it available to every single human being worldwide. To transform the economic development reality of the world, grassroots, real time. Today he’s 82.  There’s not much time left. He’s made the commitment to blow your ever loving mind. How cool is that? How so very, very cool?!

I don't have an idea to start with for a new business nor do I have a business, but I want very badly to start and run my own company. Is this a problem, or will you all help me with a business idea?

No problem at all.  You’re exactly who we’re looking for. Provided you have the Will.  As Michael E. Gerber has said, time after time after time….”If you’ve got the Will, we’ve got the Way!”  As Nike says, “Just do it!” As Michael E. Gerber says, “Just Do It!” So. Just. Do. It.